Tuesday, December 18, 2007

This banner is just a sneek preview of what I am working on to list in the New Year. At the moment, I am taking a little respit to prepare for the coming Holidays. I have a few new designs for auction templates which will be released right after the 1st of January, and I am working on some website designs as well. In the meantime, my "old faithfuls" are still available through my Ebay Store as are all of my graphics, banners, certificates, and stitchery patterns.

"Thank You" to everyone who supported me in this new path this year. If anyone would have ever told me a year and a half ago that I'd be doing this kind of work full time, I wouldn't have believed it! "Our God Is An Awesome God"!!! He can use our skills in ways we've never dreamed if we just hand it all over to Him.

If there's anyone out there reading this wondering if they will ever "find themselves".... Believe. Believe.

Each one of us is His precious child and He will lead us if we put it all in His hands. Funny, you know? His hands are strong enough to hold it all, but gentle enough to let all the bad stuff slip through, until all that's left is the beautiful person He created us to be...

Love & Peace... *Linda*


cora said...

The Bible says, "When He has tried me, I will come forth as gold. . ."
I do believe I am seeing some gold, Linda, as you grow in Christ!
Everything you do is just a little better than the one before, and I'm so proud of you and honored to be called your friend! Can't wait to see the "unveiling" of your new items!!!!! Cora

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

... such a beautiful message of hope. How wonderful it is to see your God-given talent being used in such a beautiful way.