Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Memory Jars by Dani

For the new year, I am resolved to begin journaling again. To inspire me, I am using a wonderful "Remember When ..." memory jar from our very own Dani at her China Lake Shop. Inside this yummy smelling jar are 100 questions to inspire my writings. I am SO excited about beginning. I also plan to ask my mom and mil these questions and record their answers. What a wonderful gift to my children to have my memories and those of their grandmothers written down and preserved for always! Thanks, Dani! I love it!

Dani has lots of other wonderful jars as well~ some prim & some vintage. You can check out her shop by just clicking on the photo of my memory jar.


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cora said...

Such a great way to journal! Not as intimidating as a huge book with hundreds of empty pages!!!! And a display item at that! Dani does beautiful work and I know that jar is worthy of all your writings and thoughts! Thanks for showing us! Cora