Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kimmie's Mystery Project!


Kimmie hasn't been feeling too well lately, but has been working on her cross stitching. She sent me this picture of her latest project -- only half done.
Can anyone guess what the finished project is going to be? Oh, I don't mean just the image she is stitching, but what this little lady is going to grace herself on!!!!
Kimmie, be sure to show us the completed item! I just know it will be wonderful to see!!!!


*Linda Pinda* said...

Oooooo...... I am so excited to see this when it's done!!!

Kimmie: I know it's hard dealing with some of the crosses our Lord allows in our lives, but I have a very strong faith that the person He molds us into is much more beautiful than the one we would have settled for.

I do pray that you will feel much better soon.

Love you... *Linda*

Daniv said...

Oh...can hardly wait to see what you do with this Kimmie....your cross stitching is so nice....mystery indeed! hope you feel better soon...