Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Primitive Pin Cushion For Cora

Love comes in all shapes and sizes, doesn't it? This time it comes in the shape of a sweet handmade bird pin cushion by Glad Tidings' own Naomi of Naomi's Notions. Naomi is also a member of New England Primitive Gathering and this week, they are hosting a fun Pattern Challenge where all the members were invited to use the same pattern and give it their own special touches.
Naomi created a lovely pink calico bird in honor of our Cora who recently entered into her own journey with breast cancer. The wings are floral and button accents handmade by Cora herself! A percentage of the winning bid will be donated to The American Breast Cancer Foundation.
When Glad Tidings Primitives & Folkart was created, our goal was to focus on primitives and folkart with a Christian message. We could not have imagined all those months ago that God's plan wasn't about the items, but about the connections we would make online with other folks, some searching, some hurting, some dancing in His awesome works... This has blessed our lives beyond human measure. When I clicked on the New England groups' page and saw this precious bird dedicated to Cora, my heart lept. This is what it's all about. Using our gifts and talents to reach across "borders" and bring God's love everywhere we go...
Cora is the heart of our little group. When we all discovered that Cora was sick, it was a devastating blow, but one that immediately made us "armor up" in scripture and prayer. Most of you reading this already know our Cora, and we know that you love her too. You know her struggles with funding and you know her beautiful faith. Please visit Naomi's Listing and consider bidding on this lovely pin cushion. I already have, but I'm hoping that the bids go way too high for me to be able to compete!


Juri said...

I just wanted to say that, as Cora's sister, I have been so touched by all the love, prayers, and gifts that everyone has surrounded Cora with! The little bird is so precious!

Thanks you for your prayers for my sis!


Prim Lover/Farmgirl Dreamer said...

I really love the pin cushion, it's beautiful. It's a wonderful thing your doing too, you are such a wonderful person. Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hey Dani~~~
Thanks for the Congrats!! Who knew!! I was just soooo happy!! Hey I love your blog and would like to exchange links with you!!
Many Blessings........
Lori Hull

Anonymous said...

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